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[OzzModz] Debug & Development Mode From ACP

XF 2.x [OzzModz] Debug & Development Mode From ACP 1.1.1

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Compatible XF 2.x version
2.0, 2.1
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This simple addon will allow you to enable debug and/or development mode from within your ACP. This helps so you do not have to edit your config.php file.

There are five settings for the addon.
  • Enable debug mode. You can enable/disable debug mode with this option.
  • Enable development mode. You can enable/disable development mode with this option.
  • Allowed user groups. You can select which usergroups will see the affects of debug/development modes.
  • Default addon. Set a default addon during addon development.
  • Cron enabled. You can turn the cron job off or on. The cron automatically turns off debug and development modes four times a day, GMT/UTC time, 12:01AM 6:01AM 12:01PM and 6:01PM.

This addon will also set ini_set('display_errors', true); if debug or development mode is enabled.
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