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    I noticed when I edit a post in advanced then click save I get the warning in the 1st screenshot The 2nd screenshot is when I just posted this post after making it there was also another error and some alignment problems but did not get any screenshot for them. Looks like the 2nd error has...
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    Auto birthday poster

    Ozzy can you make a plugin that makes a post to a section that we pick when it's someone's birthday also if a member has hid their age, it won't post that but if they have not it will post their age
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    Delete just found out the answer once I downloaded it
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    Guest search hidden

    Ozzy if you can make a plugin that guests don't see the search box ie hidden fully from them
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    All mods url's and version check url's

    Can you change all url's in the xml as they are still pointing to vb site also the version check url needs updated as all your plugin can no longer be downloaded from vb its hard to know when an update is out as I have a version checker on my site but runs off the url in the xml.
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    I get this one on my site sometimes and I see it needs added