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    Jump to new button

    Hello, @Ozzy47 What addon you are using for adding Jump to new button in thread view?
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    .htaccess syntax validator

    Please anyone can you talk me is this my .htaccess files are OK? Does i need any edit from .htaccess syntax validator? <IfModule mod_rewrite.c> RewriteEngine on # Set to vbulletin directory RewriteBase / # Retrieve gamedata requests and send to new dbtech locations RewriteRule...
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    How do I place a vbulletin login form on my homepage?

    How to add username and password login box on my homepage? This is my Homepage : Solitary Club - The Place For Clean Amusement !
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    How to fix Firebug Error

    I have one error show on the Firebug , How to fix on this error ? TypeError: $(...).lightBox is not a function $(".portfolio_holder a[rel^='group1'], .portfolio_holder2 a[rel^='group1']").lig... //lightbox //-------- $(".portfolio_holder a[rel^='group1'], .portfolio_holder2...
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    How to open link to new tab

    Please Ozzy47 can you post me open link to new tab and Clickable Image HTML Code ? This code Open link to new tab <a href="photoshop.php">PhotoShop</a> Clickable Image HTML Code <img src="index_files/images/bigslide2.jpg" title="Project 2" alt="slide2" /> <span...
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    Facebook comments to threads

    Looking for mod Facebook comments to threads without manually template edit.
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    More Info About

    What mod does More Info About in postbit right side ?
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    How to remove BB Code from CK Editor

    I uninstalled one mod/Plugin but does not uninstalled BB Code from CK Editor. Its still display the box on the CK Editor. How to Completely remove from view CK Editor ? Also this BB Code does not have under BB Code Manager. Please help me.
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    Spoiler Information Postbit

    Any one can make Spoiler Information Postbit ? ex:
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    "Authentication Required" message keeps popping up

    When I go to my site. I get the automated pop of "Authentication Required" to verify my login and password. This issue with SRWare Iron Browser, Other Browser does not get this issue. How to fix on this issue?
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    Scroll To Top

    How to add Scroll To Top button?
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    Logo clickble links

    How to make work Style Logo clickble links ? Please can anyone give me code for logo clickble ?
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    How to remove tags

    How to remove BB Codes tags From post ? ALL [HIDE] tags it's created.Please can you post the SQL Code for remove the HIDE Code? Seven different BBCode: [HIDE-REPLY] [HIDE-POSTS] [HIDE-THANKS] [HIDE-REPLY-THANKS] [SHOWTOGROUPS] [STG] [HIDE] Or How to "replacement" with only [HIDE] tag ?
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    User Referrals

    How to get User Referrals Link ? I want to add User Referrals link on Navbar Tabs (Sub-Links), How to link add to Once a user has found out their unique URL? Ex: referrerid=$userid , /register.php?referrerid
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    Change style ID No

    Is there a way to change the style id number? I have a style number 55 and want to change it to number 1. Is there a way?
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    Post Thanks / Like

    Post Thanks / Like showing in 2 time on Postbit . Does it bug showing ?
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    What is this plugin ?

    What mod doing this ?
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    [PAID]Staff/Members Shows Always Online

    Staff/Members Shows Always Online with Display Order for Show Groups (Forum Leaders) MOD for 4.2.1 I mean staff members like owner, admin or anyone from members who desire to be online.I mean each and everyone can activate on their profile or any place whether they like it or not and it will...
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    [PAID]Disable Right Click and High Lighting

    Hello Need mod Disable Right Click for 4.2.2 ! can do it for me for how much you can do this and for how fast?Please add all option with old mod,Also try to add option post count must have a user/usergroup for can use right click and high lighting. Here it is but not working on vb 4 (4.2.2)...
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    [PAID] Runs Multiple Domains With One Database

    Need mod for Runs Multiple Domains With Custom Styles, Forums, Universal Login. If anyone can Upgrade CERBERUS: 1 vB4 Mod work on vB4.2.2 without any bug? EX: http://www.vbulletin.org/forum/showthread.php?t=254197