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  1. J

    Need best spam control measures

    I run a couple of anti spam add ons, but have recently been bombarded with new registrations which look fishy. Currently, I have vB Bad Behavior, GlowHost - Spam-O-Matic, default captchas and renamed the register.php file. I see references to "spaminator" where can I get some of this? My...
  2. J

    CaptiveReefs.com Optimization

    Max Taxable got on me a couple months ago about my bloated vb4 upgrade and I have been obsessed with getting it trimmed down ever since. Here is where I started: WebPagetest Test Result - Dulles : captivereefs.com - 02/05/14 21:36:48 Here it is today: WebPagetest Test Details - Dulles ...
  3. J

    Search Private Message Mod

    On vb3, I had a addon that allowed users to search their pm box for messages from other members and keywords. Does anyone know if such a mod is available for vb4?
  4. J

    Site Performance - optimization workshop thread

    Max Taxable Feel free to expand... I truly am not sure what they are trying to accomplish. I will say that a lot of the features that have been added to vbulletin, in my opinion seem to take away from the activity level of the forum. For example (although a vb3 addition) Social Groups...give...
  5. J

    Inbox "undefined" on Buddy List

    I noticed when I visit this page OzzModz That in the welcome block where it should say "Inbox" (or notifications) it has "undefined". Its the same on my forum as it is here. Is this a vb bug or an issue with a mod?
  6. J

    Different postbit for PM's

    I haven't seen this mod anywhere else, I use the legacy post bit for forums, but prefer the horizontal for the pm system. On my 3.8 forum I added a conditional to the postbit template. It would be handy if there was a mod that could be used to select postbit styles. In fact a scaled down...
  7. J

    usergroup permissions for widgets and blocks

    It seems to me that vbulletin is missing the ability to not show a widget or block to certain usergroups. I know custom blocks can be coded and include permissions, but I think the block shell would still be visible, just empty for those that don't have permissions to view it. I would like to...
  8. J

    Online Friends List Forum Block

    I'd really like to see a online friends list similar to what VbAdvanced comes with to use in the forum blocks (and possibly a widget...although if only one then forum block would be preferred). This doesn't seem like it would be tough to do since the code exists in the vbadvanced portal. But...