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    OzzModz Moved to XenForo

    Just a little suggestion, I think you should turn off the "Home" tab since you don't have a home page, just the forum list.
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    Got my 40 gallon Aquarium!!!

    I got my 40 Breeder fish tank at petco!!! I am going to go to the thrift store to see if there is anything good to put it on. I plan to put my ranchu goldfish in it. Here is a photo of the tank: Here are some photos of my ranchus:
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    google translate plugin

    I know there is a template edit on vbulletin.org, but it would be cool if there was a plugin that would do this without having to manually edit templates. Here is a link to the template edit: http://www.vbulletin.org/forum/showthread.php?t=258009
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    how are mods made?

    How are mods made? Are there any good tutorials on how to make mods? I am going to try making a vbulletin mod.
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    I am not sure how to install it

    All of the bots/spiders are showing up as guests. How do i install the list? Do i have to enable anything else to have the bots/spiders show up?
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    google plus login for vbulletin

    It would be cool if there was a google plus login mod for vbulletin 4.2.2.
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    Login panel not working correctly with SemusLight

    The dropdown login panel is not working right with the SemusLight skin. The traditional login is still available, but the panel still shows up.