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    Product Manager

    Hey Ozzy its been awhile i see now you are more at admin zone anyway is there any way to make boxes or checks say when we want to disable multiple products or re enable them it really is a pain to do them one at a time can you make a mod for this perhaps
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    Who Downloaded this attachments

    Hey Ozzy is there a mod that you created or know of or perhaps can create that allows you to view in acp or somewhere else to view what each user downloaded ???
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    Auto Thread Closer

    didnt you have a mod that did this if so where cause i cant find it or am i thinking Dragonbyte thought you did though
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    Slight Issues with 4.2.2

    Maybe some of you can shed some light i upgraded to vb 4.2.2 upgraded all my mods ect the issue that i am having now is my staff permissions i have forums out of public eye but when i go in as a s/mod for example i can not see the forum i have looked at all the masks and permissions and it all...
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    Change last post mod

    hey ozzy how did you change the color of the time for this mod you have gold in yours here ??? sorry its the condense last post mod
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    Main Forum Question

    Hey Ozzy just noticed that when you muse over the forums it highlights them how are you doing this
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    Change of Username

    when i change a user's name from the original in acp for example a member wants a name change the users original quotes dont reflect the new user name in posts that they or if they were quoted is there a way or code that i can input somewhere to prevent this from happening
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    image bbcode

    what kind of code do i need to insert if i want image bbcode in my editor ???