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    Been gone to long

    Hey guys it's good to see y'all are still around. I don't do much with my vb site anymore. I've got stuck on a pc game and ended up getting my own game server. Y'all take care. Gary
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    Solved by the implement of an entry page that links to my vb site. What is the most efficient way to redirect to another page? I have a re-direct page and in the body of that page I put, "Redirecting ...." I hate to see that when I go to my site as it appears rather amateurish. What is in...
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    Post from Android device

    Im posting this from my cell phone to make sure the problem im having on my site is not a cell device issue. I can not log into my site using my cell phone? Back to the drawing board.
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    How do I deny certain email providers

    I'm constantly getting registration requests from a group with certain email providers such as "@mail.ru". What to go?
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    I want this footer :)

    I have found what I consider to be the idea footer for my site. I'll pay 1000 e-bux if someone can get the code and all associated css to place this footer on my site :) *There is no such thing as e-bux. It just sounded good :)
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    Replicating a sites footer

    Can someone that knows how please tell me how I can replicate this sites footer. I'd be willing to pay if I had too but the payment wouldn't be able to be made until the first of next month. Thanks' Gary k4gap.com
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    Video icon not showing ?

    In my article editor there is no video icon showing? I checked all the permissions I know of ... any ideas? DISREGARD: It shows now for no apparent reason ?
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    Teamspeak Server

    As a PC gamer I use Teamspeak quite often while playing. The gaming Clans that lease the gaming servers usually have their own Teamspeak server. For those not familiar with Teamspeak, it is a program you run on your PC that allows voice communication with a group of other people running the...
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    Style footers - how to get

    IMHO, the footers on most (not all) vbulletin styles are very lacking and unattractive. I have seen some very attractive and useful footers on some web sites that I wish I could copy. How can I go about doing this? The footers I speak of I have seen on several sites so I don't think there is any...
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    Things are looking up !

    Hi guys, Dumped my site host a few days ago so I've been without a site. It's been a breath of fresh air ! I decided to keep my VB license for a new site if ever I need it. Hope all is going well with y'all. I'll check in from time to time just so y'all won't get to relaxed :)
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    Review of light style please.

    This site/style no longer exists. I've created a light style for members that might have slower connections or prefer light over dark. Basically all I did was add one of my custom headers, change the default status icons, and several other little stylevariables to the vb default style. Please...
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    How do I add padding to toplinks?

    How do I add padding to top of toplinks? This is what I have right now .... It looks like maybe 5 or 6 px will do it?
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    Need honest review of my sites header/logo.

    I'm running a style (Avenger Blue Style by TheLastSuperman) and have created my own header/logo. I need real honest opinions on them please.
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    Identifying code

    Which of these represents the top? padding: 0 5px 0 30px;
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    Love the Avenger style

    I to run the Avenger style. I ran it back when it first came out. But, SeamusLight for some reason seems to work better for me on a site such as this. (support type site) That's my 2 cents :nerd:
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    Help if I can

    In order to help Ozz out on this forum, I can help a little with any style or graphics issues / requests. I'm not a coder nor either am I a pro at doing graphics but, I consider my work pretty good for someone that does not use Photoshop and is self taught. In other words, I do the best I can...
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    Having ine of the worst weeks of my life!

    This past week has been hell !! Almost everything that could have gone wrong around here has gone wrong. I've been waiting for 15 years to start drawing my National Guard retirement. But thanks to that piece of shit in the whitehouse, I won't get my retirement next month as I was scheduled too...
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    Thankful for this site

    I am so glad you have put this site up. With everything you do over at vb.org I know you have a lot to share. And, I hope you are rewarded for it. When I'm able to you can bet I'll make a donation. One mod I notice you use here is that little box in your postbit that shows more details. What...