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    Blocks ozzmodz.com

    Admins and SuperModerators i have complained that there antimalware program blocks a url. Today i installed one of them, and i see that it blocks your site, actually i gone further, and in all your mods that links too your site for checking version is the problem. Even to open ozzmodz to login...
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    Problem in Firefox

    I don't see buttons as supposed to when I am with firefox, same time in all other browsers no problem. The only thing I see is "Members who have subscribed to this thread: 12" nothing under who are the members an either the buttons. Any clue? thanks
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    I don't know if this mod supposed to show to moderators as it shows to SMods and Admins usergroups All setting are ok for moderators but they don't see any thing Thanks
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    Dont show usernote in zero situation

    When selected user groups are able to see user notes, can they see only if notes exists. if member has not a user note I thing its better not show the description User Notes: (0) Thanks
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    Always use Forum URL as Base Path

    I had setting "Always use Forum URL as Base Path" to YES is there a problem (SEO, or what elese?) that I now change it to NO? I don't use anything the description says.. If the URLs for the different vBulletin components are set below, this option must be set to yes. Thanks in advanced
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    webmasters error

    Often I see errors lately in google webmaster. Here are some with error 404 /cache/lang_cache/2/core_public_login.php /cache/lang_cache/2/core_admin_posts.php /cache/lang_cache/2/core_admin_tools.php /cache/lang_cache/2/forums_admin_forums.php /cache/lang_cache/2/core_admin_logs.php...
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    Not working

    Not working for me, I installed it in my test forum, made some post - threads in excluded forums, but I can see them after all. I suppose I don't miss something, nice mod, but... but :confused1: Vb4.2.0 pl4
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    Necessary comands in htaccess file

    We read about htaccess file and many several commands. I want to ask what mainly necessary commands needed for a forum?
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    Some issue

    Title of Classified shows up in capitol letters, this is problem for some other languages My ο turn to ό and capital My υ το ύ and capital One more issue for me, in normal posts when I press once on the image it opens in same window in Classified open new page on first click
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    Limit text to count as post

    Hi! Does any one knows if there is a module to make this: When a member makes a post and he only writes a few words, I want this post do not measure in his total posts. Make it as does not exist, Few years ago I have something like this but not tested and have lost it. Thanks for any advises...
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    This post has been down-ranked

    In my test forum I have installed mod [DBTech] Advanced Post Thanks Like, before buying and put this to my real forum. The problem is that in some posts i see this description. This post has been down-ranked. Click "View Post" to view it. Test forum is a database copy of my real forum that I...
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    Must have post to request

    How about an option "how many post must have a member" to be able request friendship. :first:
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    does not work to for me

    I don't know what i miss here, but cannot see this as supposed to be, in Ozzy: Extended Search Links Settings are all checked. I have put this mod in my testing vb4.2.0 Any clue? thanks
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    exclude domains links

    Can this be done? white list or something like this for exclude domain forum links
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    Last post in postbit

    Is there a way to show last post in postbit area? Actually we see this in admins panel, I can not find code to place it in postbit_legacy something like this <vb:if condition="$post['userid']"> What is for last post? Thanks
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    Sorry for this thread, (making new forum) if not please delete I have stacked badly and don't remember how? When I point pc mouse in forum it says http://myxxxxxx.com/index.php when I press it redirects fine to http://myxxxxxx.com/forum.php Where to change so when pointing to forum matches...
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    option to select

    1. An option to select which user group can see "Members who have subscribed to this thread" I don't think its a good idea for normal members to see this information (my opinion) or to say how many members without showing user names 2. Many forum have categories that make tips - tutorial...
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    error HTTP 500

    If I change phrase Members who have subscribed to this thread and put this mark (') Actually this: Members who have 'subscribed' to this thread I get a error HTTP 500 (blank white page)
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    Moderated threads

    When some categories in forum are in moderated before show new threads... and user make some, they don't realize that threads are in moderate condition, the description that says (your thread must moderated first) does not last enough in time. Is there a way how to make this better. Thanks and...
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    Code tags in guick reply

    Can some one help me, I want code tags # to show in quick reply, I don't want any mod to do this. Any help I appreciate.