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    BB Code Request

    Looking for some help if possible. This website XboxClips contains all gaming clips from xbox live. Could someone generate a BB code so we can embed the videos into the vBulletin much like some have done with You Tube? So for example http://xboxclips.com/y0gurt%20m4/4ae...c781b790/embed That...
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    Mobile Style Set up

    Ozzy47 I noticed a forum post you did on TAZ regarding a vbulletin built in mobile theme and it got me intrigued. Apart from setting the options in the ACP is there any other settings to get the mobile theme set up correctly?
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    Adding Whats New As Sub Link

    Is it possible to add the Whats New Tab to the sub forum links such as new posts/Private message etc?
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    CDN - Do you use one?

    Looking to use a CDN for my site but after some advice. Do you use one and if so which one? And also are there many benefits from using one?
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    HTML Markup Help

    I want to add a VIP.gif next to a usergroup in the usergroup bar. It will show the VIP image I have then VIP Member but I cant figure out the code I should be using in the HTML markup of that usergroup. So far I have tried the following without success. <span style="color: #fca60 0 ...
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    MYSQL vs MSQLi

    I see various threads about using MYSQL and MYSQLi as a database and I got a few questions. Whats the difference between the two performance wise? Is it a simple switch and if so how? Will it effect any of my current mods?
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    Spaminator Update

    Was intrigued by this thread till it got shut down on vb.org Just wanted to know how it's going or if Im not allowed to ask the you can spank me and close the thread ;)
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    PHP Update Questions

    In the process of updating my websites. Already done my forum to the latest version. Now for the joomla side of things however due to the upgrade I need to change PHP version. Currently running an older version of 5.2. The new joomla set up needs 5.4. I have already checked the requirements for...
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    Image Compression Question

    I have been compressing images on my forum using Yahoo Smush IT I seen a forum post on vB.org where someone has used Kraken.io Ran some of the images I had already done through it and its reducing them by 60% which is great. Question is what is the difference between the two websites and which...
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    Diary/Calender Reminder System

    Have had a look but cannot seem to find anything related to this. Maybe you guys could shed some light on it. I currently run a gaming community where members arrange times to play each other. Sometimes during the season members can have like 10 games arranged. Im looking for a system where...
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    Potential vBSEO vulnerability‏

    I dont use the product but got this email yesterday. In case anyone missed it.
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    PHP Warnings

    Quick question. Seen lots of posts to insert code into the config file to stop warnings in version 4.2.2 Have you guys got this inserted or is it something I should look to sort out?
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    Template Images

    Have been looking through my current template images. I have optimised a few images by 70% or more but this was just the icons such as the home and sidebar images. Is it ok to do the same for the bigger images in the template such as header & backgrounds etc?
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    Server Load After Upgrade

    Just a question to you guys who know what your doing. After an upgrade from 4.1.1 to the lastest version 4.2.2 I have notcied the server load in the ACP is much higher. 0.42 0.67 0.57 | 14 Users Online (14 members and 0 guests) Is what im getting and on various occasions that moves to 2.00...
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    Templates Question

    After an upgrade I kept the old templates in just in case I needed any code changes. As this is now done they can be removed. Is it just a case of deleting from the styles manager and then removing the files from the server?
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    Have seen this used on other software. Not seen it used in VB at all and searched vb.org but no luck. Its a mod called threadmarks. Admin have the ability to mark a certain point in a thread. That then will add that link to the drop down which is created along side the options of Thread Tools...
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    Where to find it?

    Looking for a bit of help here. I hate to pester people all the time and love to learn about how vb works. One for the questions I always ask is how to find and change the colour of a template or font on a template. I usually right click and inspect with firefox but that can be hit and miss...
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    Open New Tab Option

    Running 4.2.2 and getting used the navigation manager. Is there a way you can set a link to open a new tab?
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    Site Onwer Image

    I like the idea of this mod. is it possible to remove the left image and just have the info on the right?
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    Forum Runner - Your thoughts?

    We currently use Tapatalk and the mobile skin which is more than enough for our members. Just want to get the feedback if any of you use Forum Runner on your boards? Is it worth activating? I logged into their forums today and first thread was about Forum Runner being dead or on its last legs...