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    HTML Not Parsing properly in PM's

    Whenever an ad is removed and the add-on sends an automatic PM to the user that its been removed there is a HTML parsing problem I think. Here is what I get via PM when my ad is removed. I looked at the settings and did not see anything right off that stands out as a potential issue to cause...
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    PHP Errors After Site Move

    Hello Chris, I moved my client's website to a new host and we upgraded vBulletin to 4.2.3. In the process the PHP was upgraded as well. Old site was running a different version from new site. Now we have these errors when I click on any of the sub links in the navbar. PHP Warning: Illegal...
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    Forum Icon Issues

    I had posted about this on vbulletin.org some time ago but never got a response that worked. I have a client that has a strange forum icon problem. They are running vBulletin 4.2.2, PHP 5.4.33, & MySQL 5.5.42. Here is the problem: When you are viewing the forum from the FORUMHOME all the...
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    Help With Ajax Tabs from Dynamic Drive

    I have a client that wants to have the Ajax Tabs installed on his site. I'm having difficulty with masking the tabs to work with just the content and not the header, navbar & footer. Lynne has the same thing on her site (look under 10 Latest Torrents/Threads/Social Groups) and that is exactly...
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    A Staff Page For vB 4.2.2

    I'm looking for a staff page for a site that I'll be opening soon. There is an old staff page mod on vb.org here: Meet Our Staff PRO - vBulletin.org Forum but it does not work on vB4.2.2. Does anyone have something similar to this or has created it for their site?
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    Changing the cke_skin_kama css without editing css file

    Right now the only way to edit the border around the editor is change the code in the editor.css file. It works but it will make the change globally and not in just the skin you want. I only want it to change in the skin I want to have it in. Here is what I've tried in the skin templates...
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    Help with blog styling

    I'm working on a custom skin for a site I'm gonna launch soon and I need some help finding the CSS to change some tag code. I want to make the white background in the popup in the screen shot be transparent so I need to know where to edit the CSS to do this. I cannot find it anywhere.