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  1. J

    Missing cron job

    Hi There is a missing cron job from your xml file that points to ./includes/cron/classifieds_regular.php Causes the classifieds not to be deleted after experation. Thanks
  2. J

    Help site down!

    Hi everyone, need some help ASAP Please. My site is down in some sections all with any thing with member profile all threeds will not display or will members I do get a php errors PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined function fetch_reputation_image() in...
  3. J

    Donate To A Modification Box CSS Issue

    Just in case you did not know your donate box has a small problem see screenshot.
  4. J

    Advanced Search page.

    Was checking things out here and ran across a this on your advanced search page Warning: Declaration of vBForum_Item_SocialGroupMessage::getLoadQuery() should be compatible with that of vB_Model::getLoadQuery() in ..../packages/vbforum/item/socialgroupmessage.php on line 261 Warning...
  5. J

    A little advice

    Would everyone just take a look at my forum and see about ease of use site flow etc. Would like to know if it is confusing easy to navigate for a new user and would you stay to become a member or just go. I do suck with graphics so don't expect much there. I do understand i need more content but...