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  1. Ozzy47

    [OzzModz] Block Registrations With Spam Like Email Addresses (vB4) (vB3.8) (vB3.7) (vB3.6) v1.0.2

    Another mod brought to you by, This is a small mod that will allow admins to block registrations from users with multi dotted email addresses. Original idea was asked by Snowhog in this thread. kh99 provided the basic code for this to work. Then cloferb posted it as a mod here. Which was...
  2. Ozzy47

    Posting Rules

    When posting Feature Requests for the mod, please only add one request per thread. It will make it easier for me to sort through them when it is time to update. When posting Bug Reports, please ensure you fill out all the required info to the best of your ability, will save us both...