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  1. Ozzy47

    Google Algorithm Changes? Matt Cutts Talks About It

    Google seems to have announced some coming changes to its algorithm in the latest “Webmaster Help” video. Head of webspam Matt Cutts said the search engine is working on some changes that will help it better determine when a site is an authority on a topic. He didn’t give any specific dates...
  2. Ozzy47

    End Of Another Year

    As 2013 comes to a end, here is some interesting things that happened on this date. Important Events On Dec. 31, 1946, President Harry S. Truman officially proclaimed the end of hostilities in World War II. On Dec. 31, 1869, Henri Matisse, one of the foremost painters of 20th century French...
  3. Ozzy47

    vbulletin-germany Account

    Does anyone on here have a valid account at vbulletin-germany? http://www.vbulletin-germany.org