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    URL Rewrite Rules Help

    Looking for some help with url rewrite rules from someone who is far more proficient than myself. I know nothing. Old domain = CRR Gaming Now domain = CRR Gaming I changed domain names and want to ensure all urls get redirected properly. I want to ensure that all urls get redirected with www...
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    Mod Updates

    How do we know when an Ozz Mod has been updated? Will you be updating them on VBORG as well? There is no notification on this site to tell us a mod has been updated. I thought I read on your recent newsletter that some of the mods that I have installed have been updated.
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    First Byte Time on shared and Google Font Caching questions

    A couple of questions to the optimizing pros. Is there a way to better the First Byte Time on shared hosting or am I SOL? This is my only real bad grade. The only assets that I can't seem to leverage are some google fonts. Is there a way to do so? FAILED - (No max-age or expires) -...
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    CleanTalk - What are your thoughts?

    Hey what is everyone's thoughts about CleanTalk? Anti spam CleanTalk. No Captcha, no questions, no puzzles, etc. - vBulletin.org Forum Personally, I get a little apprehensive when I see a site and program coming from .ru to guard against spam. However, I am seeing more and more spam IP's that...
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    Rank Image Request

    I am looking for a set of rank images for my site. Link to forum: Archer & Angler Colors: What will work with the theme. Size: 100 x 27 approx. Text Preferences: Pro Staff, Premium Member, Lifetime Premium Member, Vendor I am open to any suggestions. Thank you in advance.