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[OzzModz] Moderate Reported Posts (vB4) (vB3.8) (vB3.7) (vB3.6) v1.0.2

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Another mod brought to you by,

This mod will allow admins to have reported posts sent to the moderation queue after they recieve a specified amount of reports.

It is a simple installation, just import the product XML, ozzmodz_mod_reported

You can edit the options under the settings, [OzzModz] Moderate Reported Posts Settings Settings

Complete Feature List
  • Option to disable the mod completely.
  • Option to set which usergroups when they report a thread/post, and it reaches the specified amount, it gets sent to the moderation queue.
  • Option to set which usergroups when they report a thread/post, it gets seent to the moderation queue, irregardless of the report count.
Things To Note
1) If the poster is a administrator, or a moderator, their thread/post will not go into the moderation queue, unless a admin reports a moderators post.
2) If a reporter that is not in a usergroup that is allowed, the report count is not increased, but they will not see the icon once they report a thread/post.
3) If a user reports a thread/post, they will not see the report icon on that thread/post anymore, but all other users will, this is to prevent abusing the system. But if the post does go into the moderation queue, and is subsequently approved, they will see the report icon again.
4) Once a thread/post is in the moderation queue, and it is approved, the report count starts back off at zero.
5) In order for the removal of the report icon to function properly, you need to have a Post Reporting Discussion Forum set, and no Post Reporting User set. You can find these settings in ACP --> Settings --> Options --> User Infractions & Post Reporting Options.
6) Special thanks to kh99 and Scandal for helping out with some of the queries. :)

Frequently Asked Questions.

Q. Why do I need such a thing, you ask?

A. Some admins might like to have threads/posts go into the moderation queue after a specified amount of reports.

Q. Why is the usergroup settings in a list form and not check boxes like you usually do?

A. I am trying out a different way, as to avoid vB being fussy about the check boxes in the settings.


* History (Changelog) *
v1.0.0 (December 27, 2014)
- Initial public release.

v1.0.1 (December 29, 2014)
- Fixed a issue where you might get a database error.

v1.0.2 (March 14, 2015)
- Version checking now done on OzzModz.


Support for this mod can be found here, Moderate Reported Posts
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