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[OzzModz] Reviews

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Another mod brought to you by,

[OzzModz] Reviews, has been nominated for December Mod of the Month!

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First off this mod, [Chris] Reviews, has been taken over by me. It did belong to Christos Teriakis. He has since given me full rights to the mod, so I am releasing it here. Only thing I have changed as of yet is the title, so it is basically the same mod. To upgrade from that mod is the same as any other time, unzip the files, load them to your server, overwriting the old files, then import the new xml. Please remember, this mod is as new to me as anyone installing it, so we are both on a learning curve. :)

1.- What's this mod?

It's better to say what it is NOT :). It is a Reviews system for those admins who want to review one type of items (eg Games, Books, Autos etc) and only one group of rating questions is acceptable for them. With the help of extra fields and a bit works from your side to configure it, you can have a very good reviews section in your site.
  • Supports unlimited categories.
  • You can set the word that will be use in the pages to identify the type of your reviews (eg Game - Games, Book - Books etc).
  • Supports Extra fields (but not searchable).
  • Supports one group of rating questions (but unlimited questions).
  • Supports users' reviews and overall rating.
  • Supports Headline, review text, positive points, negative points.
  • Supports Product photos or YouTube video if exists.
  • Has PM templates for:
    • PM user when admin approves his Review.
    • PM user when admin rejects Review.
  • Reviewer can temporary hide the review and a later time he can activate it again.
  • There are listings for:
    • Category Reviews.
    • Time-frame (What's New) Reviews.
    • User Reviews.
    • Search Results.
  • In view Review page the visitor can also see:
    • Editor Rating.
    • Community Rating.
    • Lowest Rating.
    • Highest Rating.
    • Editor other reviews on sidebar.
  • In all pages there are available the follow blocks having the appearance of widgets:
    • Category Menu.
    • Search Form.
    • Statistics.
    • Top Editor Products (Games, Books, etc).
    • Top Community Products.
    • New Reviews.
    • New Community Ratings.
  • RSS Feeds for latest 10 reviews.
  • Facebook Like Advanced (Shows users who liked a review).
  • ver.1.1.0 Added a setting to allow or not Audio files (in case that you want to review music). Default is OFF. If you turn on then the users can hear the audio file with the included (simple) audio player.
2.- Installation
  1. Download and unzip the files.
  2. Upload the content of upload folder to the directory where your vB installation is. To be sure: reviews.php must be on the same directory as global.php, forum.php etc.
  3. CMOD 777 the directories:
    1. christeris/reviews/photos
    2. christeris/reviews/photos/thumbs
    3. christeris/reviews/photos/tmp
  4. Go to ACP --> Plugins & Products --> Manage Products, and import product-reviews.xml.
  5. Set the various settings in Reviews --> General Options.
  6. Set usergroup permissions.
  7. Check and modify Pm templates, Reviews --> PM Templates.
  8. Set Categories, Reviews --> Reviews Categories.
  9. Set Extra Fields, Reviews --> Review Extra Fields (in case that you want them).
  10. Set Rating Questions, Reviews --> Rating Questions.
  11. *** ATTENTION *** Double check that rating questins are ok before starting adding reviews. After the first review you CAN'T Add/Edit/Delete questions.

3.- SEO URLs

  • If you're using vbSeo open the file Reviews_vBSEO_Custom_Rewrite_Rules.txt and add them to your vbSeo installation.
  • If you're using .htaccasse file copy the contents of htaccess.txt and add it to your current .htaccess files. If you don't have such file and your server is compatible with such files, upload htaccess.txt to your vB directory and rename it to: .htaccess.
4.- CMS Widget / Forum Sidebar block for Latest Reviews
  1. Pre-Installation:
    1. Shows latest 5 Reviews. If you want to change the number to another value change at 1st line: $maxreviews = 5;
  2. Installation as CMS Widget
    1. Goto Admincp-> vBulletin CMS-> Widgets.
    2. Click "Create New Widget" at the list bottom.
    3. Set Widget Type: PHP Direct Execution.
    4. Give a Title which appears at the widget. eg Last Reviews, or.. Last 5 Reviews etc.
    5. Click SAVE.
    6. Find in the list the new widget and click configure at the right side.
    7. Replace the example code, with the code from Widget_Block_Latest_Reviews.txt.
    8. Click Save.
    9. Goto Layout and add it in any section you want.
    10. Click Save (Layout).
  3. Installation as Forum sidebar Block
    1. Goto Admincp-> Forums & Moderators -> Forum Block Manager.
    2. Click Add Block.
    3. In the next screen "Select block type: Custom HTML/PHP.
    4. Click Continue.
    5. Title: Latest Reviews.
    6. Content Type: PHP.
    7. Content: Copy & Paste the code from Widget_Block_Latest_Reviews.txt.
    8. Click Save. The block will be now visible to your forum sidebar.

Please remember to click the, {vb:raw mark_as_installed_image} button to the right if you installed the mod ---->

What does 'Marking As Installed' do ?

* It helps you to stay on top of updates - members who have installed modifications will be notified whenever new updates are available.

* For security issues - OzzModz.com will contact all members who have installed a modification whenever a security issue is brought to our attention.

* Marking a modification as installed also helps me know how many people are using my work, giving me extra incentive to provide more features and new modifications.

I appreciate the support!

v1.4.0 Initial release.
v1.4.1 Fixed the following errors, Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in ..../reviews_usercp.php on line 695 AND Warning: Division by zero in ..../reviews_usercp.php on line 706


Contributions Received (members who clicked on, and followed through with the Support Developer button)




New member
RE: Version 1.4.1

RE: Version 1.4.1

I have found a issue with forum side block The code that was given included the styles that at times where being injected before the doctype :confused1:

The issues it caused where on the advanced search page both tabs text could be seen refresh or click tab all ok. I had tis issue for a while and did not try to hunt it down out if site out of mind!

2nd issue was DBT welcome panel same issue as search the test overflowed into the top stats panel. keep in mind only when user first logs in after refresh or returning to home page all was good but did seem to happen on occasion if page sits idle for a little time. This made me hunt it down!

My lame fix if you have a better idea please let me know

Removed from review block
.minigraph {
    float:{vb:stylevar left};
    border: 1px solid #003366;
.minigraph .minibar {
    background-position:{vb:stylevar left} center;
    border-{vb:stylevar right}:1px solid #003366;
    font-family:Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif;
.minigraph .minibar span {
    {vb:stylevar left}:1em
and put it in the additional.css of course without the style tags issue is resolved :)

hope this helps you or someone who runs across this.


New member
This is really awesome mod :) I have some feature requests and willing to pay or donate for your time. this is my feature requests.
attachment.php (799×635) | Awesome Screenshot

1, use Google Rich snippets ( Reviews,Rating,hcard,Authorship)
2, User short bio ( Fetch from user profile or socialmedua pages)
3, user Review quote widget ( short reviess within block quote )
4, Social share option + # of shares ( Eg: Wordpress Flare plugin feature)
5, GD star or Rich snippets review integration
6, Advanced Editor in Description field
7, Excellent Page architecture and proper Navigtion for Each page ( Eg: H1,h2,H3,OpenGraph,etc)
8, Members feedback, comments
9, Makesure Multilingual support ( UTF8)

Thanks again :)
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New member
I'm having horrendous problems with this, the installation went fine, I followed everything within the instructions, however a few things are not correct, there is no user review part despite me updating the usergroups I am unable to for example leave a comment or rating under someone elses review, parts of the main review structure seem to be missing.

As well as this all of my reviews are coming through as a complete wall of text, this is despite me looking through the thread on VB.org and applying the fix suggested to get passed this issue.

Any help would be massively appreciated as I run a gaming site and a review section is a must.

Toorak Times

New member
Hi Ozzy,

Hoping you can help, and these things have probs been asked for before.
Toorak Times - Socially Aware - Latest News.

I have convinced my Review writers to use this mod SPECIFICALLY to do their Theatre, Film, Restaurant, Music and Wine reviews in here only but they are spitting chips at me that the widget only shows the headline and makes it uninteresting as a CMS widget and they feel their stories are now undervalued and wont get read as much.

I love this mod too mate!

I am hoping we can get more of a preview into the widget, and can I make the image larger?

With a decent text preview and larger thumbnail this is the ultimate widget for what I need.

If that can't be done is possible to feed the Reviews into a Forum like you have done to the Classifieds or a Publish to Article button which would be the optimum, that way we could Feature the best Reviews in the CMS.

BTW I am not able to figure out how, where a Community Rating can be given, doesn't seem to be there.


New member
Hi Ozzy, attached to Spanish translation. I hope I have extracted fine translation. Not google translator. I keep expanding it and will update shortly.

View attachment 427

View attachment 428

Additionally, some questions:

1 - Users can only make a general vote? They can not vote each "Rating Questions"?

View attachment 429

2 - Works well: "reviews need admin approval", but you can moderate the ratings? In my forum I think the reviews, and they vote. There is the option: "ratting need admin approval."

View attachment 430

3 - I can edit the user's vote? Or I can just delete this?

Thanks, great mod. I vote for mod of the month.
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