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conflict with Duplicate IP Check by BOP5


New member
I cannot put this as a bug... but
uninstalled because mod Duplicate IP Check by BOP5 does not work, 4 times tested to be sure.
Don't know who's fault is, conflict 100%

[OzzModz] Minimum Posts Before Posting Links v1.0.3

my vb 4.1.12



New member
Maybe conflict is wrong description, any way as I say above when I have mod installed... Duplicate IP Check by BOP5 does not work,
when i run to see duplicate IPs, nothing happens, I don't know how else to describe it, my English is not good :)
I tested this 4 times

Here is the xml from the other mod


New member
Tested something else, maybe you understand better.

I uninstalled (duplicateipreport-bop5) mod, than installed (Minimum Posts Before Posting Links) mod
and install again bop5 mod, and works fine both mods.

If i uninstall your mod and install it again, than bop5, does not work.
Therefore, if someone else has issue like me, first install OzzModz and than bop5.


That is really strange, but I am glad you found a way to get them to both play nice. :)


New member
Just now had other new issue, cannot confirm moderated posts from admins panel, when pressing to confirm nothing happens
only from options moderator in thread can be confirmed.

First thing in mind was "Minimum Posts Before Posting Links", when disable it, all worked fine.

Don't know why, but I will delete this mod for know, hope its only problem to me, if its not and some one else confirm it, we see.