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XenForo.com December Update and Sale!


As we enter the final month of 2023, we can look back on some of the major news from this year and look forward to 2024. Our hosted cloud solution continues to delight those who have made the move. During 2023, we have welcomed some big names to the XenForo Cloud system, including BMW Group, Future Publishing and Evolve Media. Both Future and Evolve have migrated their entire forum portfolios, and are now enjoying the high performance, maintenance-free experience that XenForo Cloud provides.

To encourage more customers to try out XenForo Cloud, we will be running a special offer during December. For the remainder of 2023*, new subscriptions can benefit from a three-month discount on the subscription cost. We will also waive the migration fees involved in bringing your self-hosted XenForo over to Cloud, and halve the cost of importing non-XenForo forums into the Cloud system during December 2023.
Subscriptions paid annually will gain even greater discounts.

PlanMonthly subscriptionSale price
(First 3 months)
Annual subscription
(First year)
Migration cost
(XF to XF)
Import cost
(other to XF)
Starter$60$45 / month for 3 months$648 $600$0-50%
Standard$100$75 / month for 3 months$1,080 $1,000$0-50%
Business$250$187.50 / month for 3 months$2,700 $2,500$0-50%

We'd like to reassure our customers that we have no plans to discontinue the ability to self-host XenForo. Our Cloud solution runs the same software as our self-hosted customers, meaning that all customers will continue to benefit from support and new features, including XenForo 2.3 and the upcoming XenForo 3 series.

Since the Big December Summer Blowout of 2018, the prices for self-hosted XenForo have remained unchanged, but the time has come to make some tweaks. Before we do so, we're going to run another December extravaganza.

For the rest of 2023*, prices for self-hosted XenForo products will be as follows:

ProductNormal priceSale price
XenForo One Year Extension$55$40

From January 2024*, our product price list will look like this:

ProductPurchase priceOne year extension price
Branding (Copyright) Removal$350base

As you may have noticed, XenForo.com itself is now running XenForo 2.3, and we are looking forward to bringing this new version to public beta very soon indeed.

Behind the scenes, exciting work is continuing on XenForo 3, which will release in 2024.

*All dates are based on UTC, so the sale will run from midnight UTC December 1 2023 until midnight UTC January 1 2024.
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