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Different postbit background when moderator makes official announcement in a thread


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Actually we talked about this on vBorg, and just to remind you.

It would be great if there's a mod that enables that we have different background color (or even full access to additional CSS lines for background of post's postbit, that would be excellent) for official moderator's announcement. Now my moderators use different text color (usually red, like this) when they make official moderator's statement. But this could be used by users also.

If we could have mod that enables us to make certain posts into official moderators announcement, that would certainly differentiate official posts from normal moderators post and users wouldn't be able to make such posts.

When posting, moderators would have an option to select if it is official post.

Also, as further improvement, if possible, we would have two (or even more) options, for different types of messages. For example, moderators and admins. Each type of message would have it's own usergroup permissions.


Yeah I do plan on expanding my, Different Post Body Background For Admin And Mods at some point in time.


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just to remind again if it is possible to make this mod. There's similar mod in user interface from BirdOPrey5: Allow HTML in Posts (per post) by BOP5

This mod allows HTML to be used in posts, but important thing is, user interface would function in this way.

It could be attractive for other forum owners also, to make official moderators announcements more distinctive. Anyway, I hope you'll find time to make this mod.