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Firstly let me thank Ozzy for the mods he has developed for vBulletin and the ones I used on mine, also for the help and support he gave me with any problems.

Also thank you to everyone else that gave me any advice and help.

I have decided to change over to Xenforo, and to be honest I couldn't be happier, Ozzy please start developing some of your mods for Xenforo.


Max Taxable

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Wow that's a huge decision. Would you mind posting some pros/cons for those of us who really haven't been watching XF that closely?


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Hi Max, sorry for the delay, if I'm perfectly honest I haven't got any cons, other than a few standard features on vBulletin aren't available on Xenforo, however you will find an add-on for it, one example is the who has read/viewed a thread, everything is just pro's.

Support using their forums in top notch, unlike vB's I find.

My members are loving it, had some great reviews on how much smoother, faster and more modern the site looks.

Personally I feel the admin panel is much easier to navigate, I would strongly recommend you try out their demo.

Here is my current webpagetest results - WebPagetest Test Result - Paris : [url]www.thejackarmy.net - 07/04/14 22:27:47[/url] still a little bit of tweaking to do, on vBulletin it was F,A,C,B,F,X I think

One other con is that Ozzy isn't developing any mods for Xenforo!!!

That's all for now, will keep you posted on how things are coming along.

Max Taxable

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That WPT is reminiscent of what vB3's look like out of the box.

Original designers, programmers and coders of vBulletin were the best.

Your test looks even better on IE10 with fast US cable connection: WebPagetest Test Result - Dulles : [url]www.thejackarmy.net - 07/05/14 00:12:22[/url]

Both [MENTION=1]Ozzy47[/MENTION] and I have XF licenses and have played around with it some. Maybe someday Ozz will come up with some XF products.