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It's so hot out, cockroaches are flying

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Cockroaches rarely take flight. But, when they do, temperatures must be high.(Photo: Julie Larsen Maher, AP)

The air is thick with humidity, heat and now flying cockroaches.
Yes, the six-legged pests that normally crawl through the night are taking flight.
While New Yorkers are slogging through the heat<span style="color: Red;">*</span>this weekend with highs in the 90s and<span style="color: Red;">*</span>plenty of humidity, cockroaches are coming alive.
Louis Sorkin, bug expert at the<span style="color: Red;">*</span>American Museum of Natural History, told New York blog<span style="color: Red;">*</span>DNA Info<span style="color: Red;">*</span>"with more heat they have more use of their muscles ...<span style="color: Red;">*</span>The more activity, the more flight."
Meaning, more<span style="color: Red;">*</span>roaches who rarely fly<span style="color: Red;">*</span>might stretch their wings and go airborne.
That's right. Besides being impossible to squish, having the ability to squeeze through tiny cracks and bite<span style="color: Red;">*</span>with a force 50 times their<span style="color: Red;">*</span>body weight, cockroaches can also fly.
Besides just buzzing around, the insects might take flight to find a cooler home,<span style="color: Red;">*</span>Srini Kambhampati,<span style="color: Red;">*</span>a professor and chair of the biology department at the University of Texas at Tyler, told NBC News.
Wherever they fly, hopefully it won't be near you.
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