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Men may be able to spread Zika through sex for 6 months

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A handout photo provided by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases shows a transmission electron microscope image.(Photo: NIH/NIAID / HANDOUT, EPA)

Men may be able to spread Zika through sex for six months, much longer than previously reported,<span style="color: Red;">*</span>according to a study released Thursday.
Authors of the study<span style="color: Red;">*</span>found genetic material from the virus in a<span style="color: Red;">*</span>man's semen 181 days after he was infected. The man, in his early 40s, developed a fever and rash after returning to Italy from Haiti in January, according to the study in Eurosurveillance.
Tests also found genetic material from Zika in his blood nine days after symptoms first appeared,<span style="color: Red;">*</span>in his urine 15 days later<span style="color: Red;">*</span>and in his saliva 47 days later, according to the study.
A study published<span style="color: Red;">*</span>last month found the virus in the semen of a 27-year-old man 93 days after he was infected.
Because the virus can cause devastating birth defects, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends men infected with Zika wait six months after their symptoms appear before trying to father a child.

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