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No post count increment in first post in a thread [thread starter]


New member
Hi everyone :)

First of all, thanks for all the Mods that you have developed and shared, and for all the support given in the vb.org community. I've been able to correct a lot of issues, for which i am really grateful :)

Regarding one specific issue, I was wondering if it's possible to do this:

in specific subforums, to disallow the first post in a thread (thread starter) to count towards User Post Counts, but allow post count for subsequent replies?

Thanks for your help :)

oh, vb v4.2.2 pl4


New member
oh Ozzy, that would be wonderful, for when/if/ever you can, would be so grateful.
I've searched for something like that and haven't found anything :) .
you totally, absolutely, rock :)