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OzzModz.com - Positive and Professional Reputation Given


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Hi, I am China and I am small vBulletin Developer and forum owner myself. I have known and heard about OzzModz.com and Ozzy47 through the many great addons and Mods released on vBulletin.org by Ozzy47. I have personally seen Ozzy47 on variouse forums and websites helping others, And I have seen how humble + professional and helpfull he is when helping others.

What I wanted to share with you guys is that, Ozzy47 already has an amazing platform of his own to showcase his work (Mods and Addons). And us who knows what he has done for vBulletin is huge. No one else can replace his amazing work for vBulletin as a Developer.

There will be a time in everyones life that a change is needed. Whatever that "change" might be. Whether its Music, Programming, or Marriage. In my opinion staying Professional and humble is what trully counts in life.

And so far in my opinion Ozzy47 has done that, and he still continues to help out in other Forums and vBulletin.org. As a small Developer mysself I trully respect his views and humbleness. And thats one of the reasons why I joined OzzModz.com Forums. I want everyone else to know how appereciative we vBulletin users and forum owners are for developers like Ozzy47.

Today we recognise Ozzy47 as a great Developer a humble person. And those Users and Forum Owners who knows what an amazing job Ozzy47 has done for vBulletin, I trully hope you guys will keep continue to show your support to Ozzy47. Please share and join this community with your friends and colleagues.

I might not be much active on here, but I am honored to have joined this great community. We need more humble and professional developers like Ozzy47. I might not be one of them, but I can for sure say I look upto developers like Ozzy47. God Bless!

Kindly Regards China

Ps, I do have very few addons and mods released on vBulletin.org. So if you guys have any questions or needed any advice regarding vBulletin or My Mods maybe then feel free to contact me.
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