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[OzzModz] Users Subscribed To Thread Block

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Another mod brought to you by,

This is just a small mod, that will allow you to show a Users Subscribed to a thread block, when viewing threads.
This mod may increase participation on your site, as users become more familiar with the subscriptions they can do. As it is now, most members probably don't realize they can subscribe to a thread.

It is a simple installation, just import the product XML, product-ozzmodz_subscribed_users

You can edit the options under the settings, OzzModz: Subscribed Users Block Settings

Complete Feature List

Option to disable the mod completely.
Option to choose one of four locations to display the block, 2 spots above the thread, and 2 spots below.
Option to show the block to the thread starter only.
Option to select which usergroups can not see the block. Note, if the users are in a additional usergroup, that is not allowed to see the block, they will not see it. I suggest only selecting banned groups, or guests.
Option to show a Subscribe/Unsubscribe Button In the block.
Option to show a View My Subscriptions Button In the block.
Option to show a Edit Subscription Folders Button In the block.

First screenshot is how it looks above the thread, second is how it looks below the thread, third is of the settings.


Please remember to click the, {vb:raw mark_as_installed_image} button to the right if you installed the mod ---->

What does 'Marking As Installed' do ?

* It helps you to stay on top of updates - members who have installed modifications will be notified whenever new updates are available.

* For security issues - OzzModz.com will contact all members who have installed a modification whenever a security issue is brought to our attention.

* Marking a modification as installed also helps me know how many people are using my work, giving me extra incentive to provide more features and new modifications.

I appreciate the support!

v1.0.0 Initial Release

v1.0.1 Fixed a issue with the Subscribe/Unsubscribe button not showing.
I have it set that when members reply to a thread they are automatically subscribed. Will this then show their names as well even if they do not physically click the subscribe button?


It should, IIRC it gets the info from the DB, so as long as the mod you are using to do that writes to the correct table then it will work.
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