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Pixlicity - Bootstrap


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Hey! I would like to get my site reviewed.

I mainly would like to have the style reviewed, its not for sale or anything like that so I'm not (I hope) breaking any rules. I only have one design installed so I don't have to link to the style.

The style is based on bootstrap and a lot of vBulletin features have been changed to work with bootstrap and to make it more modern and responsive.

Why go backwards Max?

Looks ok to me. I love the responsive theme though it could maybe use a little more sizing on some of the fonts. I only had a minute to look though.
Why go backwards Max?
It's not "backwards" it's forward thinking. If he were to be selling this he would have a boatload of customers who still use 3.8.X - me included.

I wasn't saying he should make it ONLY for v3. I was saying ALSO.
Only knock I have for this style is how fat it is. 1.2 megabytes for targeting mobile devices? Needs to be much more slim than this. The font files are 30% of the load. Javascript, 40%.

Compare to my original coding using bootstrap and CodeIgniter, my footprint is much smaller mainly because not calling those fat font files:

fotochatter <-- It is 731kb mostly due to having 16 un-optimized images displaying. Images are 56% of this load so you can do the math and see my code is only accounting for 325kb. Much more svelte.

It also loads in under three seconds while yours takes over 6 seconds, for IE11 testing at WebPageTest dot org.

So while I assume you may have it responsive enough to pass google's mobile friendly test, it's not really very device or bandwidth friendly and is too slow. I can't test this style with google because you have mobile devices getting the vBulletin mobile style forced. I don't understand the point of that, if your style is mobile friendly you don't need to be forcing the native vB mobile style.

EDIT: NOW I see your bootstrap style is NOT mobile-friendly at all! I bypassed the mobile hook by using this URL to test this style:


It fails google's mobile friendly test horribly.

You might consider going back to the drawing board on this one. First thing I suggest you do is turn off the device detection and style assignment for mobile - allowing for much easier testing.
Yep he said he wasn't selling it, I was trying to talk him into it but it really needs work first.