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XenForo.com PSA: Solve Media CAPTCHA no longer functional and should be disabled


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Unfortunately it has recently come to our attention that the CAPTCHA previously provided by Solve Media is no longer functional. Initially it seemed like it was just their verification endpoint that was no longer functional, but it now transpires that their CAPTCHA challenges are no longer displaying either.

If your site is currently configured to use Solve Media, it is highly likely that new users are currently unable to register an account on your forum. Even if that aspect starts working again, the CAPTCHA will be completely ineffective because verification failures (deliberately) cause the CAPTCHA challenge to pass. If both aspects were to start working again, we are no longer comfortable including their service as part of our product, and we would strongly advise against its use in the future, if it were to be re-implemented by an add-on, for example.

As such, starting with XenForo 2.2.16 and XenForo 2.3.0 Beta 8, Solve Media will be removed from our code and if in use we will automatically default your forum to using hCaptcha which requires zero configuration. However, we highly recommend giving Cloudflare Turnstile a look. It is easy to set up and does not require you to change any of your current DNS or web server configuration to use it.

We approached Solve Media for support with this issue a week ago and are yet to receive. If anything changes, we will post below.
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