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Review of light style please.


New member
This site/style no longer exists.

I've created a light style for members that might have slower connections or prefer light over dark. Basically all I did was add one of my custom headers, change the default status icons, and several other little stylevariables to the vb default style.

Please take a glance at it and let me know if it's a go or a no-go.


Max Taxable

The Wyatt Earp of Anti-Spam
Only 28 requests and a 315 KB total load, that makes it pretty darned light!

It gives a overall pleasing and clean impression and the color scheme is soothing. You have a generous amount of "air" in the header that draws the eye down right where you want it, to the content. The style is simple, clean and efficient. Refreshing.

And it shows in WebPageTest results.


New member
Thanks Dave but my eyes are failing me so bad I'm not always able to see what I'm doing. Besides that I just like doing it and if I started selling the styles I'm afraid it would not be as satisfying.