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Rss Bot


Want to get a debate going

imo a rss bot creates backlinks and improves slightly seo within rankings does a rss bot that posts auto have any disadvantages or does it hurt a site i guess is what i am asking

i personally dont like them but i seem them all the time at various sites ...

isnt it better just to post i have always thought that the more content you have the better the spiders attract...

let me know how you all feel on this thanks


I have used them for years. I don't think it necessarily will help with SEO rankings, because by the time you get it and post it, it is on thousands of other sites already.

But I think it does give the members a place to view the latest news on your site, just something else for them to look at. I do however get the full feed from the source, not just a little snippet.

Max Taxable

The Wyatt Earp of Anti-Spam
You can make them seem less "botly" by using Ozzy's mod for that here at OzzModz.

Their effectiveness is directly related to the feeds you choose for them, both in member participation and for SEO.