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Site issue


not sure where to post this lol

anyhow when i first logged on to site i got this error message it redirected me from main forum to an error page without me clicking on anything

this was the error message

Your submission could not be processed because the token has expired.

Please push the back button and reload the previous window.

now this happened twice after i refreshed and it seems ok at this point
My browser just loads a blank page on that link. Sourcecode is blank on that as well.

A browser calling a page with "do" though, does involve the security token. All POST actions do.
oh well if this becomes more of a nuisance i might visit less lol

still doing it and tbo this is the only site so no clue what is happening here and i have done the usual cleared cookies reset modem router ect and still nothing so this is not on my end at all
I can replicate this on my mobile device, (chrome browser), but can't seem to find the cause, will keep looking.
Well I cleared all data data from my phone, cookies, cache and browsing data, now it seems to work.
I may have found the issue, clear your cache and cookies, and see if you still get the same results.
I may have found the issue, clear your cache and cookies, and see if you still get the same results.

ok will do that and see what happens been a long day so will get back to you tomorrow sometime see if that works god knows i tried everything else lol

i did clear cookies before but will go more in dept
ok i did everything cleared cache cleared cookies changed browsers ect and also changed to new skin its still happening now the weird thing now is when i first get on it goes to ozzmodz skin then 2 to 3 sec it goes to avenger skin even though i have avenger selected so not sure what i can do more to make this go away lol
Just for kicks, have you tried with another browser besides CometBird?

Cause I am not able to replicate this on Firefox, IE, Chrome on the desktop, or Chrome or Safari on my mobile.
well comet bird its happening as well as safari and opera

Plain ff,and chrome is fine and even though i hate ie that is fine lol

now you have to ask your self what the hell is happening that some browsers are ok with this and the others arent