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Teamspeak Server


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As a PC gamer I use Teamspeak quite often while playing. The gaming Clans that lease the gaming servers usually have their own Teamspeak server.

For those not familiar with Teamspeak, it is a program you run on your PC that allows voice communication with a group of other people running the program on their PC's. The program is un-abtrusive and can be left running in the background while going about your normal routine. It has a very small footprint on your PC.

A Teamspeak server can have as many people on the same channel as the moderator allows. Or many additional channels can be added for different topic discussions. The different channels are like these forums, many different topics.

What is required?
The latest FREE version of Teamspeak can be downloaded here. Download TeamSpeak 3 Free It is completely free as they make their money from the leasing of their servers.

A headset or Microphone and speakers.

Imagine this, you as a designer/coder/contributor are helping someone with a problem or project. You simply invite them into Teamspeak and talk to them one on one.
Or this, your eyeballs are about to pop out of your head from being on the PC all day and you just want to take a break and maybe chit chat with your friends.
Or maybe even, you are out and about away from your PC and you just want to check into Teamspeak to see whats going on. There is an app for that :) Really, the Android app can be found here https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.teamspeak.ts3client

Having explained to those that did not know what Teamspeak is, I would like to propose the yearly leasing of a Teamspeak server to be used for the sole purpose of the vBulletin community. I feel there would be many benefits to having and using such a tool for the sharing and or support of the vBulletin community.

Now for my proposal/offer, I will cover the rental for the first year of a Teamspeak server .... if, there is enough interest in it.

Respond with your thoughts about this so I can see if in fact there are enough people interested to make this worth my time and money. I ask nothing in return. I would be honored to be able to contribute to the advancement and success of the vBulletin community.



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A 28 slot server is right at $100. I'm willing to pay for the first year to see how it goes. If it takes off as I think it will, a year from now we can ask for donations to keep it going. If it's not worth it, we just let the one year run out.