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XenForo.com Upcoming "Insights" webinar series


To mark the tenth anniversary of the first public XenForo release, we are today announcing an exciting new joint venture with our friends at Audentio.

XenForo insights with Audentio.png

In the near future, we'll be conducting a series of webinars, designed to offer insights into community setup and management with XenForo, to impart detailed knowledge about XenForo features and how best to use them, and to discuss the various challenges involved in running a successful community, drawing from decades of experience at the forefront of the industry.

To that end, we will have a variety of speakers joining the sessions to share their expertise.

The webinars will be presented live, and a limited number of places will be available for each live session. To register your interest, or to suggest a topic that you would like to see covered in a future session, please use the 'Register Interest' button available here.

When each webinar is concluded, it will be made available for everyone to view - we'll post links each time a new episode is available.

For now, we'd like to thank all the many thousands of customers who have been with us along the way with their support and feedback, building their own communities with XenForo and helping us to turn that initial beta release ten years ago into the leading online community software today.
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