World News YouTube and Google services interrupted by network congestion

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Users of YouTube and other Google services are seeing errors or slow performance due to high levels of network congestion in the eastern United States.

YouTube, Google Cloud and G Suite services are affected, but Google said it believed it had identified the cause of the congestion and expected normal service to resume shortly.

While YouTube was still working for some users, others could not use the service, which runs through Google Cloud, which was affected by the outage.

The company has identified the issue on its Google Cloud status dashboard.

“Users may see slow performance or intermittent errors,” said the company. “Our engineering teams have completed the first phase of their mitigation work and are currently implementing the second phase, after which we expect to return to normal service.”

The sound of millions of cat videos being suddenly silenced reverberated across the internet, and #YouTubeDOWN was a trending topic on Twitter.

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