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Nice to see you have a site up ozzy.


New member
I have used many of your mods on other sites and I am pleased to say they all get the job done and have been well thought out. Expect to see a lot of me here at your new home..:eek:

Also, If you would like me to create a nice style for you let me know. I would be pleased to.. Least i can do for all the great stuff you have put out.

my current project if you want to check it out..

Thanks again ozzy for all the great stuff!


Welcome [MENTION=6]billstelling[/MENTION] [MENTION=8]New Joe[/MENTION] [MENTION=9]Nirjonadda[/MENTION]

Hopefully this site will do just fine, and not make me work more than I already am. :)

If you see anything the site needs, drop a suggestion here.


Thanks, it is only going to get better. But it is going to take some time, as I am at this alone. Supporting my 47 mods, trying to release new ones, and working on the site, on top of a 40+ hr a week job, time is not in abundance.

Like the signature BTW. :)


Yes it is vBNinja from vB.org. I brought him on-board to fulfill the Paid Requests, since I don't have time to do it. So it is only me doing all the above. :)