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Max Taxable

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There is no doubt that Spaminator is death to bots!!!!
It's hard to believe that I didn't notice anything out of the ordinary
By the way would you mind posting a screengrab of your log? I want to see the tendencies of the bots you're getting. You can send it in PM if you want.


Sent it, also sent you a phpmyadmin screengrab of the table rows that should be more helpful.
I don't think it was anything sinister, just a persistant spammer. The links were innocent enough, youtube, normal web sites and such. I just blocked the class c that the ip's were coming from.
Spaminator sure did it's job though
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This addon is now released for sale to the public. I would need you guys to register at https://snogssite.com/ Once registered and verify your XF license, PM me there and I can add the product to your account for free since you were beta testers. I would also like it if you could rate the addon here, https://xenforo.com/community/resources/ozzmodz-registration-spaminator.7410/ and on snog site, https://snogssite.com/resources/ozzmodz-registration-spaminator.87/

From now on all support will be handled at snogs site or on XF

Max Taxable

The Wyatt Earp of Anti-Spam
A big THANK YOU and high-five to all who tested this revolutionary product. And congratulations, you get to KEEP IT too!

Max Taxable

The Wyatt Earp of Anti-Spam
10,418 on my site as of this posting.

2,475 here at OzzModz.
3,170 over at Snog's

Nothing's gotten through.