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Addon [OzzModz] Registration Spaminator

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There is no doubt that Spaminator is death to bots!!!!
It's hard to believe that I didn't notice anything out of the ordinary
By the way would you mind posting a screengrab of your log? I want to see the tendencies of the bots you're getting. You can send it in PM if you want.
Sent it, also sent you a phpmyadmin screengrab of the table rows that should be more helpful.
I don't think it was anything sinister, just a persistant spammer. The links were innocent enough, youtube, normal web sites and such. I just blocked the class c that the ip's were coming from.
Spaminator sure did it's job though
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This addon is now released for sale to the public. I would need you guys to register at https://snogssite.com/ Once registered and verify your XF license, PM me there and I can add the product to your account for free since you were beta testers. I would also like it if you could rate the addon here, https://xenforo.com/community/resources/ozzmodz-registration-spaminator.7410/ and on snog site, https://snogssite.com/resources/ozzmodz-registration-spaminator.87/

From now on all support will be handled at snogs site or on XF
A big THANK YOU and high-five to all who tested this revolutionary product. And congratulations, you get to KEEP IT too!
10,418 on my site as of this posting.

2,475 here at OzzModz.
3,170 over at Snog's

Nothing's gotten through.
Registration Spaminator is now for sale and all support is now on Snog's site.

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