[OzzModz] Registration Spaminator

Addon [OzzModz] Registration Spaminator 1.0.5

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1190 so far. No bots are getting through at all.
Human spammers, mainly from hong kong and india, are still a minor problem, but seems to be under control using spam phrases and moderation.
Updated Xenforo this morning with no problems. Is this released yet?


Ozzy47 updated [OzzModz] Registration Spaminator with a new update entry:

[OzzModz] Registration Spaminator Update 1.0.5

  • Added a missing phrase.
  • Changed addon icon displayed in the ACP from a png icon to a font awesome icon.
  • Changed addon name to [OzzModz] Registration Spaminator.
  • Changed the template modifications from replacing the entire register_form and register_macros templates to changing only the required sections to make the addon XF compliant.
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